• Services equivalent to world standards in a new generation, a new breath

About Us

Avrasya Construction is an organization that is on its way to become a new generation, a new breath of fresh air, the architect of contemporary and future-oriented buildings sought in the construction sector in Northern Cyprus. We are here to meet all needs with our services equivalent to world standards, which we are proud to provide to our customers.


As a company that works relentlessly to build future-oriented contemporary housing projects with our 25 years of experience, we aimed to create living spaces where people can feel happiness, peace and security, one of the most important elements that meet their life goals. As Avrasya Construction, the importance we attach to environmental awareness and nature and human-friendly structures are the most fundamental values ​​in our ideas. In order to provide a world-class, European service to our customers by addressing the future and social factors, we use all our construction and building materials in the world and in our country, developed and developing; We analyze, select and use down to the smallest detail with our subsidiaries, which operate in the light of the same goal as our company.