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We Are Making The Most Luxurious Project In Kyrenia. – Avrasya Construction
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We Are Making The Most Luxurious Project In Kyrenia.

You have provided profitable investment opportunities with your housing projects and even aroused great interest with your new project. We’il talk about it all.

Let’s start by getting to know your company first. What does Avrasya Construction do?

We established this company in 2013. Since 2013, we have been working in the construction field with our projects in Cyprus. We designed and delivered the Eurasia Tower project across from Lord Palace. Our first project was Avrasya Tower.

Our second project is the Eurasia Premium project on the way to Savoy Hotel, next to our commander’s house and our third project is Eurasia Gold. He is in the new town hall, near the Kyrenia circle. However, we do not sell the Gold project. The Gold project will include residences, business centers and shops. There will be office-style apartments on the shops.

Our fourth project is Eurasia City.

It consists of 7 blocks and 155 apartments. There will be a spa, sauna and outdoor pools. There will also be swimming pools on the top floors of the apartments. Some blocks will also have their own gardens inside the apartments. In fact, we are building a luxurious living complex.

We have a new project in Kyrenia. The name of this project is Eurasia Elite. we will announce this project in the coming days.


Your first project, Avrasya Tower, was a project that earned its investors. Could you share some numbers?

Since this project is our first project and due to market conditions, we kept our prices low. But according to the current sales figures and the appraisal reports, our customers who bought these apartments earned 35% – 40% money. In fact, there was a 150% money earning in the penthouses we sold.

According to the data we have, all of our customers who buy an apartment for investment have benefited from this business.

We have delivered the title deeds of these apartments to our customers. A month after we delivered the title deeds, I’m giving an example of an apartment we sold 80 thousand pounds 100 thousand pounds.


What is the status of your second project, Eurasia Premium?

That project is currently under construction, under construction. We aim to finish that project in 10 months. At the bottom of the project there are shops that can be 4 business centers. Due to its location in the bazaar, it is within five minutes walking distance to almost anywhere.

The location goes by the way of schools, where there are 25 apartments. We have 2 145 sqm 3 + 1 apartments, plus 2 2 + 1 penthouses. The penthouses on the top floor are the owners of the terraces.

We didn’t put water tanks or solar panels on the building for different reasons. We placed the heating systems and water tanks in the closed parking lot. Heating systems will also be inside the apartment.

We are currently doing the most luxurious project in Kyrenia.

The project has an indoor car park. Another feature that makes the location unique is that the front of the project is the protected area. That’s why it’il never be blocked. As a place, since it is right next to our commander of the Security Forces, there is a 24/7 surveillance in that area. It’s a very safe place, obviously.

What about the sales prices of that project?

In this project, our 1 + 1 apartments have been sold, 2 + 1s are very few left. Currently we have 3 + 1 apartments and penthouses. In this project, we started selling at 77 thousand pounds. The apartment has a square meter and price range according to demand. The starting price is 77 thousand pounds.

These are our launch prices. After the completion of the project, it is expected to earn 30-35% again on the apartments purchased.


How do you explain Eurasia Gold?

The location of the Eurasian Gold project is on the left-hand side just after the circle of the newly built town hall. Under it there will be business centers, there will be indoor parking. There are penthouses at the top of the project. These penthouses have swimming pools and terraces. The penthouse does not block in any way. The landscape overlooks the sea and Kyrenia. This project is special for us, it is a very luxurious project. Close to the municipality, close to the workplaces of professional groups. for example; said to reach as soon as possible to work wherever our customers may come from Turkey. We have planned penthouses for these customers. There will be offices or apartments under these penthouses. Our customers will be able to position their office and house upside down. In the lower part, there are shops that can be a business center. At the bottom of the parking lot is closed. We think that this project will bring a different structure to Kyrenia. This project will add a different atmosphere to the city with its appearance and texture.

Those who enter Kyrenia will see for themselves how much the location of this building has changed, as I said, we will see together what aesthetics and architecture can add to this place.

There is no sale in this project. It will be purely for rent. Probably we could sell penthouses. It is a duplex building of 250 square meters. We do not have any studies on price. However, anyone who rents apartments and shops will earn money from this work, I can say with peace of mind.

We are talking about a business and living space with elite tenants, centrally located shops, banks or other professional business halls.

We think the concept of the project is completely different. I have a plan in my mind about this place, if we can; Hotels can accommodate their daily casino customers there. Because the customers who come to the casino, the hotel doesn’t want to appear much in the lobby, to be overly cheerful with. He is looking for a place to spend his time at the casino and move around more comfortably. I have a plan like this, I believe it would be nice if I could succeed.


This was also remarkable. Let us come to the Eurasian City, which attracts a great deal of attention with its visual on social media and its sales are eagerly awaited. What kind of project will it be?

The Eurasia City project comes to life in the upper part of Kyrenia Municipal Market. This project is an island concept built on 4 and a half acres of land. There will be 155 apartments in 7 blocks. These apartments; It will be designed as 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1. In this project, on the top floor of each block, there will be private swimming pools designed for their apartments. Plus there will be an outdoor swimming pool, a play area and both outdoor and indoor parking.

Also our management office will be located here. Every customer who owns the apartment will be able to contact us at any time for any problems or suggestions. We produce solutions for every customer who is seeking. The fact that every building we sell carries our name makes us feel this responsibility. For instance, even on Sunday, we intervene instantly with our customers who have electricity or water problems in their apartments through our teams and try to do whatever we can to solve the problem.

Electricity and water are the sine qua non of infrastructure and modern world today. We feel responsible to our customers about these infrastructure systems. We cannot victimize our customers that we sell apartments. These are our sensitivities.

We also inform our subcontractors about these sensitivities. They also try to solve the problem as soon as a problem occurs.

“We will make an elite region”

What are the sales prices in Eurasia City? Have you set prices?

In Eurasia City, we have not set sales prices so far. We will go with launch prices. The market is already waiting for our launch prices. There’s a lot of demand. There is a high demand, especially from Turkey. People want to come and buy the apartment from there. We will make an elite territory. It will be a special project with special security in which all kinds of needs are considered.


As you discuss the prices of the fourth project, you are ready for the fifth. Could you please tell us about our Eurasia Elite?

This project will consist of 40 flats in the center of Kyrenia, in the neighborhood of Türk Girne (Upper Kyrenia). We also plan to make the concept of this project completely different. People already know our company in Kyrenia. When you say 3 construction companies in Kyrenia, we are one of them. The fact that the projects we have done have a different structure specific to Cyprus, that the materials used and the façade are completely different, which we are sensitive to the exterior. For example, we even make central earthing to our buildings. The electrical engineers, from whom we get information, say that many companies do not use this system in the projects. We don’t see this as an expense. In fact, this is an application that needs to be done.


Why for every project in Kyrenia?

We are in love with Kyrenia. We make all our investments in Kyrenia. As a result of the decision we have taken on the Board of Directors, all kinds of investments we will make will be in Kyrenia. There is an intention to open up in the future, a university project and a 5-star hotel project will be in our agenda. Projects will be shaped in line with the objectives of the company over time.