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Message From Our Board

As a company working relentlessly to build future-oriented contemporary housing projects, our mission is to “create living spaces where people can feel happiness, peace and security, being the most important elements that meet their life goals”.

As Avrasya Construction, the importance we attach to environmental awareness and building natural and human-friendly structures are the most basic values in our ideas. In order to provide a world-class European service to our customers by addressing the future and social factors, all our construction and building materials are developed and developing in the world and in our country; We analyze, select and use, down to the smallest detail, with our subsidiaries, which walk in the light of the same goal as our company.

We know that dreams do not wait, and we do the most important, delivering the projects we promise to our customers as soon as possible and making your dreams come true without interruption. Our speed, quality, transparent and honest stance are our most basic building blocks that give confidence to our customers. We act by keeping the pulse of the world construction agenda in all our works and services, and we know that we must work for the survival of our country without sacrificing quality, and we continue to this end.

Chairman of the Board